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Turning down the lights and covering the couch with a sheet.

Turning down the lights and covering the couch with a sheet.

To those of you following along for the last several weeks, this may not be that big of a surprise.
Posting has stiff been sporadic for the last several weeks. I’m still occasionally throwing stuff out I’m nowhere near my peak. And I still have other things that need my attention including new scripts and my NERD ALERT blog for my EBook webpage.
So I’m making a decision that’s been a long time…

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Go home, Weather Channel. You’re drunk! #SummerStorm #Rain





Help save the honey bees! Please reblog and share :)

I’m very skeptical about this. Last I’ve heard, CCD is caused by a combination of factors, and to blindly point a finger at one source without references just ticks my bullshit meter. Anyone got science to back this up?

I checked out this page on the Ontario Beekeeper’s Association website, and found a couple of recent papers on the subject (though, granted, they are against the use of neonicotinoid, so it might be a one-sided story). The general consensus seems to be (bee?) that sublethal doses of neonicotinoids cause changes in behavior and physiology which leads to colony collapse - immune suppression to make them more susceptible to disease, negative change in foraging behavior, abandonment of poisoned hives, etc - so, yes, it seems that it is a combination of factors, which are aggravated by pesticide poisoning.

Richard J Gill, Nigel E. Raine. Chronic impairment of bumblebee natural foraging behavious induced by sublethal pesticide exposure. Functional Ecology, British Ecological Society July 7, 2014 

Chensheng Lu, Kenneth M. Warchol, Richard A. Callahan Sublethal exposure to neonicotinoids impaired honey bees winterization before proceeding to colony collapse disorder. Department of Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health. Bulletin of Insectology 2014

Dave Goulson An overview of the environmental risks posed by neonicotinoid pesticides. Journal of Applied Ecology 2013

Jeroen P VanderSluijs, Noa Simon-Delso, Dave Goulson, Laura Maxim, Jean-MarcBonmatin, Luc P. Belzunes Neonicotinoids, bee disorders and the sustainability of pollinator services Current Opinion Environmental Sustainability 2013

Rosemary Mason, Henk Tennekes, Francisco Sanchez-Bayo Immune Suppression by Neonicotinoid Insecticides at the Root of Global Wildlife Declines. Journal of Environmental Immunology. 2013

Important topic. Nice background research. Excellent punmanship.

Vladimir Putin and the limits of machoism.

Vladimir Putin and the limits of machoism.

Mostly, What Josh Marshall said…(Via Talking Points Memo.)

The audio tapes posted by The New York Times might as well be from some future Russia-based version of Waiting for Guffman or Best in Show, a comical rendering of rustics and morons stumbling into an event of vast carnage and international consequence mainly because they’re hotheads and idiots – the kind of people no one in their right…

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Sir, you are on my TV! #filmmaking #warriorforcinema

SCORE! #filmmaking #goingtothewell

The playlist for the SOL!

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Hobby Lobby, my mother and the many faces of happiness.

-I’m going to have to start this with some very uncomfortable autobiographical material.
I’m not crazy about getting this personal. However, my experiences are germane to the topic at hand.
My mom had me when she was eighteen.
I forget if she was married before or after I was conceived so I am unclear if I was the reason for her early marriage or it’s result.
But the point is that my mom had me at…

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Weather Report for my heart. June 12th, 2014.


INTERNAL TEMPERATURE: 94 Degrees with isolated cold spots.


SELF LOATHING INDEX: 68% Due to lack of productivity.

CONDITION OF SURROUNDING AREA: Music is “She & Him, Vol I”. Computer screen has TweetDeck. Primary subject, The Bombing of Gaza.

IMPOTENCE LEVEL: 94% (Aggravated by Gaza Tweets.)


FIVE DAY FORECAST: Continued heat with…

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#NoWarButClassWar #Politics

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