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NO… no heads exploded. NOWHERE!.  - Meet “Holly Hobby Lobby” - the new star of the “Conservative” America -  Holly Fisher, the “conservative mom of three” (emphasized by the right wing media). 

The question in 2014 America is to all “normal” people with conservative worldview - which, in my liberal conscience, is a natural counterbalance for a liberal one : How do you feel about the fact that your party - the GOP was hijacked by the extremists?  How long - for a tactical advantage - you will pretend that, you can control them?  How long your allegiance to the GOP label, will be stronger than to, so often praised in conservative America ‘common sense’?

A similar question must be asked to ALL Christians in America… How much longer can you pretend that you have more in common with people holding Bibles in one hand and guns in the other, than with peaceful atheists?    The name of Jesus, the historical first and greatest liberal was stolen from you…  And you do nothing… I can’t hear your voices defending ideals of Christianity from being distorted…  

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Nothing says America like 70’s America New Wave Cinema. #freedom #freedom #freedom #oy


Any decision to use contraceptives made by a woman covered under Hobby Lobby’s or Conestoga’s plan will not be propelled by the Government, it will be the woman’s autonomous choice, informed by the physician she consults…
[But] the exemption sought by Hobby Lobby and Conestoga would… deny legions of women who do not hold their employers’ beliefs access to contraceptive coverage.

– Justice Ginsburg

For those of you who don’t know, SCOTUS ruled today that the Affordable Care Act cannot require family-owned corporations to pay for insurance coverage of contraceptives— a decision that, in the name of protecting “religious freedom,” will leave thousands of women without affordable access to birth control.

Check out Justice Ginsburg’s passionate fight against this decision here, and read more about the ruling here. (via fuck-yeah-feminist)
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Life is what happens…

NEW BLOG POST! “Life is what Happens…” #Filmmaking #PersonalStuff

Yeah. it’s been quiet here. But with reason.

1. Working on a new script.

2. Tending to the other blog at the Book Site.

3. Working on upgrading my workspace.

4. Trying to inject some life into my life.

The new script is a short little thing for Michael Meyer and his girlfriend, Lia Dugal. Short and easy to shoot because I’m sick of taking months between projects and the only way I’m going to get…

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FroYo because YOLO!!

I’ll see myself out. #oldguyontheinternet

A man who looks like George R.R. Martin sings a Pirate Song. from Richard Jensen on Vimeo.

I was in Seattle for LAUGH! RIOT about a week ago. And I took the opportunity to test the Black and White filter and the new external microphone for the Canon. And this is what I got. Sorry I forgot to get your name, pirate guy. I also apologize for the shaky camera and my cough.

What 12 hours on a bus makes you feel like. Preach it Brother Warren!

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