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Klamath Indpendent Film Festival Q&A from Richard Jensen on Vimeo.

This year, “Glengarry Glen Styx” was selected for the 2nd Annual Klamath Independent Film Festival. We wound up taking third place. (Second Place was “Bare the Sun” by Jesse Widener and “Liberation” by David West.) After the screenings, the filmmakers were invited to participate in a Q&A moderated by Mr. Widener. Due to the length of the Q&A, I have edited it down to the questions I answered. My apologies to the other filmmakers and I have included your information in the closing credits.
Also, on a personal note, yes I am aware of how I look in this. I either have to lose sixties pounds of gain eighty for “The Full Orson”.

Up. Coffee. And I have received the spoils of my labors. #filmmaking #backtothewell #spirtualwarriorforcinema

Death threats drive Anita Sarkeesian from her home


the comments on this are unreal “she needs to keep quiet about the death threats she recieves and not make the public”

because we really just want women to keep quiet about the crimes committed against them. Please don’t call attention to the fact misogyny is dangerous, ladies. Just shut up and don’t share the horrible things you are going through.

As a man and a gamer, I consider this behavior unacceptable.

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Via Momma Politico: The World According to Perry


Cecil B. deMille writes to Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger, after watching Tales Of Hoffman

Recently I had the belated pleasure of seeing your picture “Tales of Hoffman”. Perhaps you will not mind my writing you a fan letter about it.

From my earliest theatre going days I have been a lover of Grand Opera. The physical drawbacks of the average operatic presentation have often bothered me - in fact it is hard for me to remember a production which did not make heavy demands on the imagination. The only satisfactory frame of mind to bring to the theatre was to say to oneself, “Well - you can’t have everything.”

Your production of “Tales of Hoffman” has proven that you can have everything. For the first time in my life I was treated to Grand Opera where the beauty, power and scope of the music was equally matched by the visual presentation.

I thank you for outstanding courage and artistry in bringing to us Grand Opera as it existed until now, only in the minds of those who created it.


Cecil B. deMille

The restored Tales Of Hoffman will be screening at the Venice Film Festival on August 31st.

I ain’t going to lie to you, Marge, This was an unexpected surprise. #filmmaking #awards

Michael and Lia doing some pre-screening Canoodling. #Dinner #Thai (at Thai Orchid Cafe’ - Downtown Klamath Falls, Oregon)

Yes. I have become “that guy” who goes to hardware stores on a regular basis. #filmmaking #middleage #guystuff #althoughwomancangotohardwarestorestooIdontmeantoengageingendersterotyping

Quick commercial announcement!
“GLENGARRRY GLEN STYX” (The 2013 redux.) is being shown as part of the Klamath Independent Film Festival”. Monday, the 25th at 7 pm at the Ross Ragland Theater. Admission is free! Stop by and say howdy! #filmmaking

Let no man envy me! #Lunch #InternetSterotype

Bigger, Longer and can handle more weight. (That’s what she said!) #filmmaking #onthegrind

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